Child Passenger Safety Week brings awareness to car seat security

KULR- Research shows that 3 of every 4 car seats are installed incorrectly.

In celebration of Child Passenger Safety Week, we're reminding you how to keep your kids secure.

Let's face it, we're always on the go; and when we're on the go, so are our kids.

Something that may drive under the radar is keeping them secure while we're on the road.

"Unless that carseat stays where its supposed to, its not gonna be nearly as effective if it was properly installed," said Barry Mckenzie, Trauma Medical Director at St. Vincent Healthcare.

Mckenzie is no stranger to patients, young and old, coming to the hospital following a crash in which someone wasn't properly secured.

"We recently had a trauma where there were four different individuals in the vehicle. The children were all restrained properly, the adult was not wearing a seatbelt (and) came in severely injured. All the kids that were properly restrained were evaluated and sent home," said Mckenzie.

AAA offering up some tips amidst Child Passenger Safety Week.

Some of these including not moving children out of booster seats too soon. Ensuring the car seats are secured properly, and properly tightening harness straps.

One of the biggest tips, as offered by Mckenzie, using a car seat regardless the length of the drive.

"I think that there's a perception that we're going to run over to the park or to the grocery store, it's fine, just get in the backseat and go. Most of the significant crashes we see happen within the city limits, that what people think are low rates of speed, 35 mph can result in severe crashes," said Mckenzie.

For more tips from AAA click here.

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