CEO of Riverstone Health speaks on hosting the Vice President

KULR (Billings)- John Felton was happy to see the issue of meth in Montana addressed on a federal level.

As President and CEO of Riverstone Health, John Felton told me that Riverstone health has always been a convening organization in the fact that they bring people together.

Felton says fighting the meth crisis is going to be about prevention, treatment, law enforcement and addressing both the supply and demand sides of the issue.

With the Vice President in Billings, Felton says he is fortunate to have the facility not only host, but be a focal point of recognizing the issue.

"It shines a very bright light on a very large problem for Montana. We are in a meth crisis. This is a drug that is tearing apart families, it is causing untold economic harm, it's keeping people out of the workforce, it just has huge ramifications and a chance to get a federal spotlight shone on it is just an incredible help for us," said Felton.

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