95 car thefts reported in Billings in October

On Wednesday, the Billings Police Department rolled out a powerful new tool to help the people of Billings better understand the kinds of crimes that are being reported in their community.

The publicly accessible website, which can be found by clicking here, will allow you to sort through the crime reports and turn on and off the types of reports you are most interested in receiving. You can also input your address and sign up to have crime reports filed near your home emailed directly to you.

While stepping through the data we decided to take a closer look at vehicle thefts. Many people post on social media pages about their frustration when they find their vehicle isn't where they left it. But with the new map data, you can really dig in and see how big of a problem this actually is for Billings.

Plugging in a start date of October 1 and an end date of October 31 shows us there were 95 vehicle thefts reported in Billings in October. That means the city averaged just over 3 vehicle thefts a day. And as the map shows those thefts are widespread.

Features within the website will let you take a closer look at the data. By selecting charts we can see how many thefts occurred per day of the week.

In this case, Billings found the most vehicle thefts being reported on a Wednesday with 20, followed by a Monday with 19.

Breakdown of vehicle thefts by day of the week in Billings for October 2018.

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