BILLINGS - The Tecnam P2012 Traveler is Cape Air's next generation aircraft, and the replacement for the Censna 402, which currently operates in Montana. The P2012 comes with a variety of new upgrades, which Marketing Director Erin Hatzell believes customers will enjoy.

"It has about 30% more capacity inside the cabin so our customers can enjoy modern amenities such as overhead lighting, air conditioning, cup holders, USB charging ports for their devices and under seat storage for their carry on luggage," Hatzell said. 

While the P2012 is a new addition to Cape Air's fleet, their mission remains the same: Providing safe and reliable transportation for their customers in rural areas of eastern Montana. Cape Air has been a member of the Essential Air Service in Montana since 2013 and is heavily relied on by residents in small cities for transportation to larger airports, among other important services.

"Folks flying from eastern Montana in the highline can fly into Billings and connect with our partners like Delta, United and America. It also is a really big lifeline for the rural communities for medical access," Hartzell said. "A lot of our customers fly on us from eastern Montana to Billings to access same day medical appointments, cancer treatments and a variety of other services."

Montana is the second region of Cape Air's four regions to be fully re-fleeted.

The P2012 will embark on its first flight Friday morning to Wolf Point, Montana.


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