Cancer patients can continue treatment during COVID-19 outbreak

Dr. Patrick Cobb with Cancer Centers of Montana says that if you are healthy enough to undergo treatment then you should absolutely keep going to your local medical care facility and continue your treatment.

Being diagnosed with cancer can be hard enough, but in a world of COVID-19 and social distancing orders, it's understandable that many people might be afraid of adding COVID-19 on top of a potentially life threatening illness.

"For the vast majority of patients who are getting treatment it is absolutely safe and reasonable for them to continue... for patients who need chemotherapy... need immunotherapy... radiation therapy... we've made sure they are getting treated just like they are supposed to be," says Dr.Cobb.

But there are some changes patients should be aware of.

"...there are some patients that we have decided that it might be in their best interest to delay things a little bit... like for routine followup visits if they are asymptomatic... we're putting that off for a while, " continued Dr.Cobb.

Dr.Cobb also says that a COVID-19 diagnosis doesn't spell doom for cancer patients. Even with that good news, he does stress that cancer patients follow the same social distancing recommendations as anyone else, but that doesn't mean practicing social isolation.

Dr. Cobb recommends, if you need to be distant but don't want to be isolated, start using technology. Getting on the internet and calling people, checking-in more frequently is probably the best way you can be supportive.

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