riverside cemetary

BILLINGS, Mont. - The Annual County Burial Interment Ceremony is taking place at Riverside Cemetery this Wednesday to honor those residents who passed away without family or the financial resources for a funeral.

Friends, or people close to the deceased are invited to say final goodbyes as the cremated remains are placed into the ground.

Yellowstone County Commissioner, Denis Pitman, says several funeral homes will have ceremonies, but they will be scheduled 15 minutes apart to keep the gatherings small.

Pitman understands the importance of honoring and respecting those residents who have passed, "I think it's really important that no matter where you are in life or how you pass away that there's a point where people need to pause just for a moment to acknowledge your life and to be able to celebrate it in that way.", said Pitman. 

Pitman says they have been raising money for a monument that will have the names of each person who is buried there.

If you are interested in helping fund the monument, you can contact Denis Pitman at his office on this number, 256-2701.

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