Bullock says he hopes legislature takes infrastructure plan seriously

Governor Steve Bullock stops in Lockwood today to take a look at the water and sewer district treatment plant and Yellowstone River intake building site, one of the many places that would benefit from the infrastructure package presented in house bill 14.

The governor says over the summer, Lockwood treats over 2 million gallons of water per day and they need the upgrades just like projects in every corner of the state.

He says often it's the base needs, like water and sewer, that aren't necessarily the most flashy projects but are necessary for economic development.

"You need that core infrastructure," Bullock said. "Behind every one of the 292 dollars in the "Build Montana Plan" is a project just like this that's going to meaningfully impact the community. And if they don't get this 625,00 dollars, they'll be set back."

Bullock says he hopes the legislature will make sure this infrastructure bill is one of the first to be looked at and not put on the back burner.  

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