Brothers reunited after 50 years, thanks to online ancestry website

It's a reunion decades in the making.   Two brothers separated as babies have been brought back together in Spokane by the power of the internet. Our sister station, KHQ, sat down with them after they met in person for the first time in more than 50 years. 

For more than half a century, Nick Nickelson didn't know his older brother David Johnson existed. He had been adopted when he was less than a year old.

"My parents had no clue," David said. "I always knew I was adopted, but that was it."

David had also been adopted by his aunt and uncle after his mother passed away, but he knew he had a younger brother.  David searched everywhere for his little brother for nearly 20 years.

Last month he submitted his DNA to an online ancestry website. Unknowingly Nick had done the same thing, wanting to know more about his nationality. Little did he know a brother he never know was 15 hundred miles away looking for him.  David was shocked when he got a match with a picture.

"I knew immediately, I did. I just had to figure out how to contact him."

David then found Nick's wife online and sent her a letter. 

"Got my results on the 6th of January and on the 8th of January we were talking," David said. " Just two days later."    

On Monday, the two long lost brothers finally met in person- a moment they say they'll never forget.

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