Belle en Blanc holds fashion show auditions

Auditions held at Billings bridal store for January fashion show.

Belle en Blanc, the bridal store on N. Broadway, will hold their annual bridal fashion show in January. Thursday night brought out nearly a dozen women who auditioned to be in that fashion show.

"There's no other event like this in Billings where the other bridal shops showcase their entire collection of the dresses that they have to offer brides all over this end of the country," said Belle en Blanc's owner, Taryn Plouffe.

Plouffe wanted to start something that could be part of a girls night. That is when she thought of a fashion show where models get strut down a runway in bridal gowns. "We wanted to make it on a saturday night and make it fun and just something that girls can go out and do and enjoy their time together and say oh that's what I want to wear on my wedding day."

Laura Wemple, a model for last year's show added, "I think Montana especially just loves local stuff and Billings is doing such a good job of promoting that and these gals are just fabulous to be with. Their gowns are gorgeous and it's just a fun time, all the girls had a blast last year so that's why I wanted to come back."

The January 12th show brought in multiple women who were at least 5'7". "In the bridal world, especially in the boutique atmosphere, we have a certain size of samples that ranges anywhere from a 10 to a 16 bridal. That's not your typical runway size, it's more of a realistic size. So we need people that can fit these dresses. You also have to be a certain height, we require 5 foot 7 without heels because these dresses come in a standard long length," said Plouffe.

The 4th annual show will be held at the store. "Doors open at 5:30, show starts at 6:00. We have VIP and general admission. VIP is 40 dollars which is front and center and general admission is 20. We actually got these in our hot little hands so they are on sale now," explained store manage, Vicky Brown.

Those who attend the show have the chance to actually win their wedding. Plouffe explained, "All of the top wedding vendors in Billings put together prizes and we give that away to one lucky winner. Every show, we draw a number and that person wins a wedding that is worth over 14,000 dollars."

KULR-8 / SWX Reporter

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