Breakdown of Superintendent's State of Education Address

On Monday afternoon, four new initiatives for Montana education were introduced during the State Superintendent Elsie Arntzen's State of Education Address.

"My mother and father were public school teachers in Billings. I'm a product of Montana's Public School System as my daughters and my grandchildren," explained the superintendent.

Superintendent Elsie Arntzen began her speech talking about the Every Student Succeeds Act and how it is being successfully implemented in the Treasure State.

She said, "State and local school report cards will be issued this spring to give family and communities transparent and date on how their students are performing."

During the address, the superintendent said that she has directed the Office of Public Instruction to serve students and educators under the banner of 4 initiatives. They are Montana Hope, Montana Teach, Montana Learn, and Montana Ready.

Superintendent Arntzen explained each one briefly. "Montana Hope is the whole child approach to education. It encompasses mental health, suicide prevention, and school safety. Without this fundamental groundwork, student learning cannot occur. Montana Teach is aimed at growing the teacher profession, not just in numbers but having a high quality educator in front of every single student. Montana Learn is designed to close achievement gaps and create individualized learning opportunities that allow students to grow academically. Montana Ready is the result of precious investment in a student's elementary and secondary education."

The superintendent asked for the largest appropriation ever assigned to education by the state legislatures. She has requested $70M.

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