Boothill Cemetery

Boothill Cemetary is near the intersection of Main Street and Airport Road in Billings. It's a cemetery from the town of Coulson, a town before the city of Billings. No one knows exactly who or how many people are buried there. Some Montana State University Billings students are looking to change that.

The initiative to understand who is buried in Boothill Cemetery is driven by Shelli Mann, general manager of the Boothill Inn. She believes the people buried there need to be honored.

Mann said, "I've come up here and wandered the cemetery and wondered about the stories about the folks buried here and I realize nobody has the answers to those questions."

Montana State University Billings history students spent the weekend using a magnetometer  and ground penetrating radar on Boothill Cemetery. Calculations from their measurements will be able to determine potential unmarked graves.

The process will take more time. The MSU Billings students will be back next weekend to take more measurements. 

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