Bones Arcade security guard disarms suspect with a gun

A peaceful ending to a situation that could've taken a much different turn.

On Wednesday night, Billings police were called to Bones Arcade, where patrons worked together to disarm another patron who had been removed from the building.

According to a press release from the Billings police department, 32-year-old Jesse Oldcrow was told to leave bones arcade after causing a disturbance.

Billings police said the man left the bar, walked to a vehicle, opened the trunk and pulled out a rifle. 

He allegedly turned toward the security officer, raising the rifle at him.

According to Billings police the security officer then tackled the man, knocking the rifle from his hands and held him down until police arrived. 

Bones Arcade head security guard Anton Grier wanted to keep a close eye on a man he escorted out of the sports bar for causing a disturbance.

Grier said he watched Oldcrow and his friend head towards their vehicle.

"He opened the car and pulled out what looked to be a rifle. It was a long rifle with a scope. his friends tried to grab the gun from him, multiple friends," said Grier. "That's when me and another staff member cleared people out and got them inside."

Grier said that's when his flight or fight response kicked in, tackling the guy to the ground in an effort to protect patrons.

As you can see in the video, many people rushed by his side to help.

Grier said there was no time to be scared.

"There was no time to think of anything," Grier adds. "Once the cops finally had him in custody and I was up, it was me looking at the other staff member like what just happened?"

Grier said it's all about self preservation, which is why he took action.

"I wouldn't classify myself as a hero. I mean I would say there are other people that were willing to do the exact same thing and the video shows his friends tried to help and another patron had that thought of running to him," said Grier.

Grier said this situation could've happened at any place at any time, which is why it's so important to him to keep safety procedures in place.

"I just want people to know that we are working diligently to make this place safe as possible," Grier adds. "I think that Wednesday night should be evidence to the people that we're willing to do everything to protect them." 

The suspect, Jesse Oldcrow is currently being held at Yellowstone County detention facility for felony assault with a weapon. 

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