Body of final boating accident victim recovered from Bighorn Lake.

A third body has been pulled from Bighorn Lake following a boating accident last week near Fort Smith.

Christy Fleming with the National Park Service says the body of 35-year-old Christian Scoville of Billings was pulled from the water Friday.

Fleming says Scoville's body was found by Potable Divers using an underwater remote vehicle. Scoville's body was then turned over to Big Horn County Coroner Terry Bullis.

With the recovery effort completed, lake closures are now lifted. 

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Search crews recovered a Billings man's body from Bighorn Lake Wednesday. The man is identified as Nathan Kelley, 36.

Public Information Officer, Christy Fleming, said recovery efforts are ongoing for the final victim. 

Fleming said potable divers used the underwater remote operated vehicle and located the vessel and Kelley. Recovery efforts began and went into the early evening. 

His body has been turned over to Big Horn County Coroner Terry Bullis. 

Fleming said the lake will remain closed Thursday between day board 6 and 8 from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

They ask you to please give search teams the space to do their job. 

If you have information on the accident, you are asked to contact Fleming at (406) 666-3302. 

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