BILLINGS, Mont. - With just days before the new year, Billings is still trying to figure out the application process for marijuana businesses.

But if you try to fill out an application at City Hall in Billings, you'll get turned away.

"We're doing the final refinements on the application process itself, and that process will be completed here in the month of January, we're hoping that will be earlier rather than later," said City Administrator, Chris Kukulski.

He says Billings hopes to have the application process ready before the end of January.

The city spent months figuring out how to zone marijuana businesses like medical dispensaries, manufacturing centers and testing labs, and weeks talking about annual fees but is still working on how to let any of those companies actually apply to open.

Kukulski admitted there’s a lot of interest in medical dispensaries. He said about 50 calls have come into the city from people interested in applying for a license but it could be months before any new marijuana business opens in Billings.

"The business side of seeing people hanging up signs and shingles and business operations, I don't think you'll see that impact on the community until mid-year I suspect," Kukulski said.

When the city does open the process application fees start at $350 and annual license fees will cost $3,950 for any marijuana business.

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