Billings Slick Street Policy in effect

As of Tuesday, November 6, 2018, Billings police have enacted slick street protocol. See below so you know what to do. .

As the season continues and snow covers the street the Billings Police Department wants to remind you of the Slick Streets Policy.

The Slick Streets Policy is nothing new for the city of Billings but with the start of winter Billings PD said drivers need time to get used to the snow-slicked roads.

The Slick Streets Policy is put into place once dispatch has reached a high call volume of accidents.

Lieutenant Neil Lawrence says once this is put in place they will only respond to accidents with injuries.

If the cars can be moved and there are no injuries then they ask drivers to move to the side, exchange insurance and move on.

He does say that if there appears to be more than 1,500 dollars in damage that the accident needs to be reported but can be done so online.

Lieutenant Lawrence said, "Slowing down is the biggest thing. When you're turning at intersections or corners making sure you've slowed down enough to make that turn safely. That's very important obviously. Speed.(is the) biggest thing, just slow down."

Lieutenant Lawrence also wants to remind you that if you like to warm up your car in the morning to make sure that your car is locked and secured to prevent theft.

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