Billings residents stuck in snow

As the city continues to plow residential streets and main roads, some Billings residents say it's not enough.

While the main roads were mostly passable, piles of snow topped sidewalks and buried cars.

For those leaving to work in the morning, they either shoveled their way out or tried to pass through roads with full speed ahead.

However, they were no match for the snow.

"We park on the street where we're allowed to park and when they plow they kind of box us in like this. So we get this berm on the outside of our car and then yesterday it was like five or six people that I saw stuck from here from the first light on Monad," said one resident only his way to work.

For one man stuck in the snow, it took a team of five people to help push him out and the help didn't stop there.

"I was taking my wife to work and I started heading back, so I just turned around to help. Not many people stop to help," said one man who helped pushed the car.

While the city is working tirelessly to plow the streets, residents said many changes have yet to be made.

"I think they're taking the right steps to get there, but there's room for a lot of improvement to get this better for people like lifting up your gates when they're in the truck so you don't cover those entrances or exits out," said one resident. 

One by one, more people stopped by with shovels ready to dig out the snow, showcasing that help is always available in the Magic city.

"If they're older people, it's going to be really tough for any of them, there's a guy walking down the street, who was snowed in. 

I mean you have to help out around here. It's pretty slick and people are snowed in."

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