Billings residents raise concern about community safety

There's no denying Billings has seen an abundance of violent crimes lately.

Chief St. John said that there is a common denominator for these level of crimes and it is the presence of drug activity, especially methamphetamine.

According to the Billings Police Department 2016 Annual Report, there were nearly 1500 drug law violations last year. The most alarming is criminal child endangerment violations involving drugs. That number rose from 2 drug law violations to 18 within a year.      

Chief St. John said there has been a surge in drug use in this community and police are working diligently to get them off the streets.

"It's causing people to do things that they normally wouldn't do," St. John said. "It makes them irrational, it makes them desperate, it makes them dangerous to the community, it makes them dangerous to police officers to deal with."

In this community of broken faith, there is still a beacon of hope. Chief St. John said they will be creating a Street Crimes Unit that will be hitting the ground in January.

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