Billings police officer pays good deed forward

For one police officer in the Billings community, performing a good deed is out of the question and making a difference is just the right thing to do.

It was a normal patrol day for Billings police Officer Seth Foster until he stopped to join a young boy playing football by himself.

"I played catch with him for a while and then his mom came out and basically we talked for a little bit and I just said you should buy this little guy some gloves for football because he's a heck of a catch and can throw the ball really good and has a good arm, and she said yeah maybe next Christmas," said Officer Foster.

But Officer Foster knew Christmas was too long of a wait.

So, he stopped at Universal Athletics and picked up a pair of gloves and dropped them off at Broadwater elementary where the boy went to school.

Officer foster says it's all about paying it forward.

"A lot of times when you're blessed, and you see other people and you can help out and you feel like you're blessed and you should help somebody else," adds Officer Foster.

He said doing good deeds like this one makes him feel like a  part of the community.

"I think the public forgets we're people too, we have families, we have kids and we're not out there to just catch people doing bad things," said Officer Foster. "Every once in awhile, you feel like you're part of the public."

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