Billings Police Dept. launches crime map, Twitter account

Billings Police Department announced today on Facebook, a new crime mapping and data website has been launched to the public. 

According to Chief St. John, BPD had a crime map system three to four years ago, but a software change temporarily took the program down. The new crime map system syncs with calls made to Billings Police and will update every morning at 4 AM. 

"All the stuff that took place the day before will be automatically uploaded and the maps synchronized so people will be able to know within a day what is taking place in the city and in their neighborhood so we are very excited about that," said Chief St. John. 

Chief St. John says the site will focus primarily on crimes against property. In their release, BPD says vehicle accidents, suspicious reports, and child abuse or child sex crimes, will not be available on the site. 

"People can get a pretty good idea if there's vandalism, car thefts vandalism in their neighborhood So we want to make sure people understand what's going on in their neighborhood kind of what trends are and we are hoping they can provide information if we aren't able to catch up with someone who is doing something illegal," said Chief St. John 

On their Facebook, Billings Police also announced they are now on Twitter. They hope they can engage the community and provide as much information as possible.

"Our supervisors in particular have been been given twitter accounts and what they'll be doing is giving real time updates as something takes place," said Chief St. John. 

Chief St. John says he hopes the presence on social media will allow BPD to get important information to the public more quickly. You can follow them on Twitter @BillingsPD. 

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