Billings Slick Street Policy in effect

We now know the identity of the officer involved in this weekend's officer involved shooting. 

Officer Brandon Lange, a 4-year veteran of the Billings police force is identified by Police Chief Rich St. John as the officer who fired multiple shots at a vehicle he says was driving at him. 

Chief St. John says Officer Lange responded to the 1000 block of N. 31st St. for a burglary in progress. 

St. John says Lange heard car doors shut and saw the suspect's vehicle pull out of a narrow alley driveway. 

He says the suspects turned the vehicle toward Officer Lange and accelerated toward him. 

"The alley is very narrow. It has fences, weeds, woodpiles, garbage cans, offered no place for cover. As the car accelerated toward the officer, he side-steps as much as he could, fired multiple rounds as the car passed," St. John said.

Chief St. John says the driver continued driving and eventually came to a stop at 11th Ave. and Broadway where three male occupants got out of the vehicle and fled on foot.

Officers were able to capture the driver without incident.

St. John says he had non-life threatening injuries, and is unsure if his injuries were due to gunfire or the glass shattering from Officer Lange's firearm. 

The remaining occupants are still at large, but St. John says he does not believe they pose a threat to the public.

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