Billings noise ordinance to be discussed at city council

KULR (Billings)- What is community noise and how is it measured? Well, first you have to take a look at some science.

Noise is measured by decibels. In general terms, a decibel is the degree of loudness.

The higher the DBA, the louder the noise. 20 DBA is the equivalent of being in a quiet room, whereas 120 DBA is a jet plane taking off.

When it comes to Billings, the city has been receiving complaints about increasingly loud noises. Whether it is causing communication interference, sleep disturbance, or flat out annoyance.

"Considering most of the noise comes from vehicles and some of them get pretty loud especially in my neighborhood on the north side of billings. when they come flying down the street, it's obnoxious," said Billings resident Skyla Allen.

At Monday nights city council meeting, the redefining of residential, commercial, and industrial zones will be publicly discussed for noise and waiver purposes.

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