What started as a small idea, has led to one Billings man donating over $500 worth of new clothes to help keep the less fortunate and homeless stay warm during the cold winter. 

"It's easy, it really doesn't take much, shoot I've seen people homeless people have frozen to death literally, it's not cool. So, instead of just saying I want to do something I just sporadically said okay I'm doing it."

On Friday, 22-year-old Austin Rel started taking donations to buy warm clothes for those struggling during the frigid temperatures.

"I can't imagine trying to sleep in it let alone be in it for hours so I don't know it just breaks my heart seeing people struggle and I don't know they do wrong, you know whatever path led them to there they don't deserve to freeze to death or whatever led them to that and people in Montana they know how brutal the winters can be," said Rel. 

The donations grew from family, friends, and now strangers to help him buy new clothes with his employee discount at Zumiez. He says he understands not everyone wants to get out there and donate these items, so he will do it for them if they help donate items and money. 

Austin has now collected over five hundred dollars in donations, and contributed another $150 himself.

The last two nights, he's delivered the warm clothes to the Community Crisis Center. Rel said it's been rewarding to see how grateful people are for any beanies, jackets, gloves, scarves, and socks. 

"It's that easy it really is just simply getting up and doing it instead of talking about it and seeing on their face just oh, somebody's helping me somebody cares, it's just a good self rewarding feeling," Rel said. 

Austin is accepting any donations of clothing or money to help bring warm clothes to those who need it. You can find him on Facebook or you can Venmo him money @A-Rel. 

Rel said he hopes to keep it going until there are no more clothes to give or he runs out of donations. He also hopes to start donating food such as protein bars eventually. 

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