BILLINGS, MT - A man charged with deliberate homicide after beheading Myron Knight in 2017 will serve 65 years behind bars.

Judge Gregory Todd accepted the plea deal Friday with Donald Ray Cherry pleading no contest in the case.

Under the plea agreement, Cherry will serve 65 years in state prison with a credit for more than 3-years of that time served.

Under the plea deal other charges against Cherry will be dropped.

Cherry and Jeffery Haverty were arrested and charged with killing Myron Knight after meeting him at a Billings casino on October 26th, 2017.

Knight reportedly told an employee with the casino he was concerned the men may try to rob him of his winnings.

Knight reportedly only had $6 dollars on him at the time he was killed.

In February of 2020, Jeffery Haverty was sentenced to 70 years with 20 years suspended.

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