Billings' longest serving city administrator retires

Billings' longest-serving city administrator Tina Volek is retiring on Friday, September 30. 

With over 37 years of experience, Tina Volek shared with some of the most rewarding parts of her career and her accomplishments. 

For the past thirteen years, Tina Volek worked to keep the City of Billings stabilized and grounded. Throughout her career, she says some of her biggest achievements were the completion of the Billings Public Library, Dehler Park and improving the city's financial condition. 

"When I came here we had a B bond rating. we know have a AA2 bond rating. That bond rating change equates to savings in the thousands of dollars when we sell bonds because we have a lower interest rate because our bond rating is higher." Volek said. 

With three days left in the office, Tina said she's not done yet. She says there are still a few things left to address that include the construction of a new 911 dispatch center and strategic planning for the new upcoming year.  

Tina said with any new administrator, there will be new and different demands from city council and residents and she offers this piece of advice.

"One of the things I think they will be looking for is someone who is good with millennials, someone who is is more orientated towards

different media than I am that I have been involved in with and I think there are people out there with those talents." Volek adds, "So I guess my advice would be to work with city council, to communicate as much as possible, to interact with citizens and citizen groups which I did early in my career and just to get to know the city real well."

As for her future retirement plans, Tina will stay in Billings with her husband and is looking forward to seeing more of the city and the government even after she retires. 

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