The staff at Granite Health and Fitness in Billings is offering free online workout support during the ordered gym closure. The program is called Together 2020.

Together 2020 has three focus areas: workouts, nutrition and mindset. Anyone can sign up and it's free. For people that sign up, weekly challenge workouts will be sent out. One of the challenges includes finding a way to be a blessing to someone else everyday.

Program Director Jenn Thompson said she knows how important it is to stay healthy, especially during this time. She said it was hard to see the gym close.

Thompson said, "A lot of people were telling us this was the last normal thing in their schedule. So, it's heartbreaking to lose that because we know how important it is for people to stay healthy, especially in times like this. Not only for the actual health benefits, but just for the mental benefits as well. It was heartbreaking. At the same time, we know we need to play our part as well."

Granite Health and Fitness is renting out equipment to members for free to use in their homes. And, Granite instructors are posting workouts online.

Thompson said, "We are normally running our biggest promotion of the year right now. We do March Fitness Madness. It just brings so many people in. It gets people reinvigorated after the New Year. Normally, it's so busy. It was just weird to come in and there's no sound, no machines going, no music playing. There are not the normal faces you see. It's weird, empty feeling for sure."

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