Billings Firefighters

BILLINGS, Mont. - It's not easy staying busy and finding ways to keep you or your family entertained while at home practice social distancing.

So, some Billings firefighters took it upon themselves to entertain you and your kiddos when you're stuck at home. 

Billings firefighters, and Sparky the dog, went live on Facebook Monday to give an educational and interactive tour of their fire station.

Firefighters used their time to give plenty of fire safety tips like never leave cooking food unattended, turn burners off when finished, and keep your kids three feet away from any hot objects.

Knowing what all the local Billings kids are interested in, the firefighters gave a close up look of their fire trucks, demonstrated how all their sirens work, and even showed how a real firefighter quickly dresses in full gear.

Not getting lost in the fun, the firefighters consistently gave fire safety tips the whole family can follow in the case of a structure fire.

If you missed the live stream, and want to learn about fire safety tips while staying entertained, click on this link,

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