The Billings Fire Department eats meals as a family: breakfast, lunch and dinner. Since last fall, they are eating those meals at a table that three of the firefighters from the department created. Every piece of the table comes from Billings.

The table is about 13 feet long. It took about a year to make. And, it's all about the Billings Fire Department family.

Firefighter Lori Johnson has worked at the Billings Fire Department for three years. She is one of the firefighters who helped create the table. She said that three of them, Captain Doug Koffler, Engineer Chris Moore and herself, wanted to incorporate Billings history into a table that everyone could sit at.

Johnson said, "The fire service is my family and it's the most important thing to me. And I think that having this sort of thing was like family memories of getting this together and always being able to sit down with your best friends. A lot of hours and a lot of good laughs went into this table."

The wood is over one hundred years old. It comes from the old Labor Temple in Billings. The hose that comprises the American flag is all out-of-service hose. The legs are made from the firepole that was used in the original Station One, which is now City Hall. The feet are storz connections. Storz connections are those connections that attach a five-inch hose to a hydrant.

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