BILLINGS, Mont. -- Winterholler Family Dentistry shut down for eight hours Friday to provide free dental care exclusively for veterans.  The 2nd Annual Make a Smile Great Again is one of many events that Warrior Wishes Montana helps coordinate to support veterans.

"These individuals have sacrificed so much for us and sometimes they're unnoticed or unseen and so for us it's a pleasure to see them and relate with them and talk with them about their service and try and help them as much as we can," says dentist, Cody Winterholler.

From teeth cleanings to root canals, no procedure is too big or too small.

"What we try to do is offer anything that can be done in a day, so in certain circumstances we do place some implants, we do do some root canals, but for the most part it's mainly fillings, extractions, and teeth cleanings," he continues.

Winterholler says they treated over one hundred veterans last year and hopes to service even more this year.

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