A Facebook post on the Billings Customer Service Watchdog page is getting a lot of attention for its video of a favorite elementary school crossing guard. The post went up on April 5 and has over 600 likes from a grateful Billings community.

Crossing Guard Howard Albers arrives at Boulder Elementary at  7:15 every morning. He tells me that he helps 3-12 kids cross the street each morning. But, that doesn't begin to describe his impact on the community.

Albers is known to dozens of people for his smile and wave every morning on Poly Drive. He can be seen high-fiving the kids and knowing their names. Comments on the Facebook post describe what a big impact Albers has, saying things like, "He makes my day!"

Albers said, "I like to meet the kids every morning and try to help them along on their way. And, if they have a shoelace untied, I tell them to tie their shoe before they go across, so it doesn't get tangled up with them. And, if they don't have their hoodie on, I try to help them with that."

Eighty-six year old Albers has been a crossing guard for Boulder Elementary for about seven years. Albers was a custodian at Will James Middle School, also in Billings, for about 18 years before becoming a crossing guard.

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