Billings community celebrates adult education graduate ceremony

Proud family members and friends crowded the Lincoln Center Auditorium to celebrate graduates of all ages for completing their HiSET degrees.

High school equivalency test or HiSET is equivalent to a GED and those of all ages prove no matter how old you are it's never too late to continue your education.

"For those people to hit that reset button, we're here to help them," said Jay Lemelin, the Executive Director of Billings Adult and Community Education. "The staff I have here, the teachers and counselors they do such a wonderful job of understanding where people are and meet them where they are, find out what that goal is and help them achieve whatever that is."

Graduate Kendall Ingle tells KULR-8, he's thankful for a second chance and after graduation he hopes to get into an apprenticeship for welding.

"I dropped out of high school in March 2018 and then my mom passed away in May and I wanted to better myself for her and it was pretty coming here," said Ingle. 

For Madisen Alexander, she came all the way from Utah to get another chance at completing her education. With high hopes for college, she said her future open to anything.

"It took a very long journey, almost 8 months and at the end of it I didn't think I was gonna get it," said Alexander. "I'd probably be working at the same place I was working, but now since I have this I have better opportunities to go to college."

Lemelin said he's hopeful others will be inspired to get their degrees and putting students first is always their top priority.

"Again, regardless if they want to go to college, if they want to get a better job or first job, we're here to help," added Lemelin. "Once they get that figured out, its just something were glad to be a part of."

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