Billings Clinic unveils new psychiatric stabilization unit

Billings Clinic held an open house ceremony at their new psychiatric stabilization unit Saturday morning.

The 3,500 square foot unit features designated rooms for both adults and children, as well as an open area where patients can socialize with each other and have access to staff.

Billings Clinic Department Chair of Psychiatry Dr. Eric Arzubi says the unit is changing the way the clinic is providing care to their patients.

"I think it's really up to us, folks in the community to come together and really start playing offense and get ahead of this mental health crisis. Things aren't getting any better when it comes to funding," said Dr. Arzubi. "So we need to do things that are innovative and different and really invest in resources, in a way that are more efficient and more effective for our patients. So, I'm really hoping this is the first step in a lot of great things to come in the work that we're doing."

Dr. Arzubi said one main concern he wants to address is the long wait times for patients.

"Sadly, this happens in a lot of places, but it doesn't excuse it but we make patients wait too long," adds Dr. Arzubi. "That's not okay so one of the main things for us was to improve the quality and the speed of care and it's not okay because people are showing up in some of their vulnerable moments of their lifetime. We need to provide better and quicker care and that was really our hope."

The psychiatric stabilization unit is set to open to patients next month.

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