Billings Clinic offers free "Stop The Bleed" classes

An injured person can die of blood loss in just five minutes. That's what trauma doctors at Billings Clinic say.

Regardless of how close emergency crews are to the scene of an accident, doctors said bystanders can be the difference between life and death when it comes to blood loss.

The "Stop The Bleed" campaign  is a nation-wide push to educate the public on the proper ways to help stop the blood flow of a wound in an emergency.

Dr. Michael Englehart said the number one cause of death following trauma is hemorrhage and bleeding. 

Billings Clinic is offering free classes every Tuesday to teach you how you can help slow down or stop bleeding in the event of an emergency.

Dr. Gordon Riha said a student in this class has shared stories of how the knowledge taught in the class has saved a life.

"We actually were recently giving a class and we were approached by an individual who said that one of her fathers friends was in a tractor accident up on the highline and they had received this sort of information," Riha said. "With the knowledge they gained they were able to ultimately put pressure on the bleeding site, stop the bleed, and get the patient to a hospital where they survived."

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