Phil Sones, a Billings Clinic nurse is a heart attack survivor.

He shares an experience he says is one of denial.

"All of the sudden out of the blue, I started having what you'd call classic symptoms which would be chest pain, shortness of breath, started sweating. I felt like my heart was racing and I was getting pain up and down both arms," said Sones.

Although this time, when Sones when through the doors of Billings Clinic, it wasn't as a nurse but as a patient.

"After talking to the doctor, I really had no risk factors. I'm not diabetic. I don't have high blood pressure, don't have a family history, pretty decent shape," added Sones. "I'd go to the gym regularly, do a lot of things outdoors, lots of physical stuff.

Other risk factors include diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity, so Sones recommends for people to eat healthy, exercise and check in with a doctor annually.

"I think it's important that everybody has a personal care provider and that they see them regularly because you can have something going on that you just don't know about," said Sones. "So it's always good to go in and get a check up."

KULR-8 Reporter/Weather Forecaster

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