Billings City will begin moving rocks from September rock slide within the month, citing safety concerns

The City of Billings is proceeding with caution when it comes to removing a rock slide from a street on the West End. The rock slide on Laredo Place happened on September 21.

Billings City Engineer Debi Meling said there are a couple of rocks on the Rims (near the rock slide) that look tenuous. She said Billings has hired a company to remove those loose rocks from the Rims, a process called scaling. While the company is removing the loose rocks, barriers like fencing, a dirt berm and possibly a solid barricade called a Jersey barrier will be used to protect the community.

Meling said the scaling should take place within the next month. After Rims are scaled, a contractor will remove the rocks from the street.

Meling said, "The fact is, the Rims are falling. That is the geological formation we are looking at. And, if you look below the Rims, you will see that there's rocks everywhere because it's just a constant process."

MetraPark is also considering safety when it comes to the Rims. The Metra will no longer allow people to park next to the Rims on the road behind the arena.

General Manager of MetraPark Bill Dutcher said they are putting up "No Parking" signs as a precaution.

He said, "We still have a sheer cliff around the back where this arena got cut into the Rims in the back. There's are some loose rocks. Nothing's happened, but, we're going to put some "No Parking. Danger. Falling Rocks." "

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