KULR (Billings)- A donation worth smiling about.

"She has always had a very generous heart," says Erin Weenum about her daughter, Lincoln.

5- year- old Lincoln Weenum took it upon herself to donate the money in her piggy bank to help out other kids.

Lincoln has a cousin who was adopted, which inspired her to donate the $61 in her piggy bank to Youth Dynamics, a Montana based nonprofit focusing on mental health care for kids across the state.

After counting up her money, she challenged her classmates to match her donation. Which, as you can see from her gofundme page, performed well past the $61 goal.

After double checking the amount she saved, Youth Dynamics took a moment to honor the young lady who worked hard earning the money she donated.

"It doesn't surprise us. I think the fact that she wanted to give away all of her money was maybe a little bit surprising. We're definitely very proud of her.

As for where that $61 goes and the nearly $2000 raised on gofundme will go, CEO of Youth Dynamics, Dennis Sulser, says the money will go towards their Case Management program.

"Given the current conditions were under and the mental health needs of not only of adults, but children across the state of Montana, we're just thankful for their giving," says Sulser.

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