BILLINGS, MT - While a stay at home order is in place, one Billings Central Catholic High School senior and band president, Kyra Brockhausen is not letting that stop her creativity. After sending out a group chat to over 40 of her band mates it was time to start harmonizing.

Brockhausen says, "I gave everyone a three day period to record their parts, and I sent them a recording of the actual song so they would use headphone and play along with it and send me their video and I just put everything together on my laptop, so we all did it at different times."

Now with all the recordings in hand, the hard part began. Layer by layer Brockhausen spent 12 hours using basic computer editing software to stitch the recordings together. What she created was a symphony of harmony, each individual part now something much greater, something moving.

Brockhausen says with schools cancelled she wanted something that she and her class mates can remember.

With her senior year coming to an end Brockhausen is ready and excited to pack up her trumpet and start her musical career at the University of Arkansas. She is pursing a career as a music educator.  

Social isolation may be hard but as Brockhausen is proving with this video you don't have to give up your passion.

Here's some other performances from Kyra.

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