Big Horn County Sheriff's Office speaks out on search of Selena

16-year-old Selena Not Afraid was last seen at a rest area on I-90 between Billings and Hardin on New Years Day.  Since then crews had been searching vigorously for Selena before finding her body Monday morning under a mile of where she was last seen.

Members of the Big Horn County Sheriff's Office say there is a sense of relief around the office even though Selena was not found alive. 

Undersheriff Eric Winnburn said that Selena's body was laying in sagebrush when she was discovered.  He goes on to add that the sagebrush was so thick that you almost had to physically be walking over the area to spot her. 

Big Horn County Sheriff Lawrence Big Hair is related to Selena as Winnburn said that Big Hair was searching day in and day out for Selena. 

After the discovery of Selena on Monday, Winnburn notes that the physical and emotional toll of the search had an effect on Sheriff Big Hair.

"Part of it's relief and then sadness too because you know you always hope we can find her alive. We didn't have a lot of hope at this time but you know your always have some kind of hope that you'd find her alive. It was relief and then sadness on top of that for him, it's been tough for him," said Winnburn. 

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