Ben Steele Middle School 1st year wrap

As Billings middle schools are wrapping up their school year this week -- this marks the first full year for one billings west end school.

Just nine months ago, Ben Steele Middle School celebrated the start of their first school they celebrate the end.

"This has been one of the smoothest years in twenty some years of teaching that I've ever had, between the grand opening all the ceremonies we had and just the transition," Patrick Kenney, 8th Grade Physical Science Teacher for Ben Steele Middle School says.


But there are things they want to improve for next year...


"I would like us to reconsider the "ab schedule", it's seeing students every other day on their electives," Lisa Harrell, 6-7th grade "digit" and 8th grade empower teacher, Ben Steele middle school, says.  "I would like us to take a look and see if that's truly the best scenario for students, if they're really getting the most out of the learning on that alternating schedule."


At 750 students, the school reached capacity at the start of the school year.  The anticipated student population was around 650.  They're preparing for even more next year.

"We're ordered new lockers, they'll be installed this summer.  We'll be adding an additional 56 lockers to the school.  Right now we're looking at about an enrollment of 780-785," Joe Halligan, Principal for Ben Steele Middle School, says.

Principal Halligan says the school's goal was to embody the characteristics the school's name sake lived out every single day.

"Just reminding them of the expectations that we have for them not only as students but also as citizens of this town and members of our learning community and so many of those characteristics were enforced in the classroom throughout the course of the school year," Halligan says.


Principal Halligan says this summer the school will have their one year walk through where staff will go over minor adjustments needed for the building with contractors.

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