Hailstorm Readiness

COLUMBUS, Mont. - Summertime in Montana.

This weekend we saw quarter-sized hail raining down in Columbus.

Fortunately for residents of Stillwater County, County Commissioner Ty Hamilton says property damage was minimal. Although farmers did face some minor damage of their own.

"Mostly smaller crop damage storms, but it definitely has done some damage to where the farmers are going to have to go out and look and see if it's something that will bounce-back or if it's something that's going to be damaged out," said Commissioner Hamilton.

Stillwater County offers multiple resources to help keep you prepared before, during, and after a hailstorm.

One of their biggest resources, the Department of Emergency Services and their Facebook page.

Here they share information such as understanding severe weather hazards as told by the US National Weather Service out of Billings.

"We want people inside right, I mean we want to make sure that when people get those warnings we issue. Those severe thunderstorm warnings when we're getting big hail that they have the ability to get inside and get out of the hail.

The National Weather Service, as well as Stillwater County, wants to make sure that you have all of the resources necessary to make sure you don't get caught in a hailstorm.

However, if you do, both the Weather Service and Stillwater recommend you call your insurance company following a storm that may have damaged your property.

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