Bear legally harvested in Laurel

A young black bear spotted north of Laurel yesterday is dead after a hunter legally harvested the animal.

While the Yellowstone County Sheriff's Office said the bear didn't pose a threat to the community at the time, Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks says these bears are hungry and are looking for food.

The sighting of a three-year-old black bear was originally reported to the authorities yesterday morning. That's when Fish, Wildlife and Parks got a call from the sheriff's office .

The game warden on the scene reported the bear was harvested by a hunter.  As hunting season is still open until the end of this month, harvesting the bear is completely legal.

Bob Gibson, Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, said, "During that season, people can legally hunt and harvest bears. This hunter legally harvested the bear, put the tags on it, reported it and did all the things right. It just happened to be in the north flat lands of Laurel instead of the top of the mountain at the Beartooths."

Gibson says with summer on the way, bears are coming out of their dens in search of food.

He says if you see a bear in your neighborhood, report it to Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks. He says to leave the bear alone and take preventive measures beforehand so you don't attract bears.


To avoid attracting bears, Gibson says to make sure garbage cans are locked up, bird feeders are clean when bears are around and barbeques are cleaned up and locked away.


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