Beads of Courage Inspires Local Families

In an update to a story earlier this week, KULR-8 caught up with Stacie Eichinger at Billings Clinic as she visited with families and handed out beads.

Eichinger is raising awareness for the Beads of Courage program. Kids with cancer, or other chronic diseases, receive beads for different obstacles they've overcome. Three-year-old Gage Martin made his necklace in honor of his older brother who passed away this May at the age of five.

Gage's mother, Amber Martin, says the beads provide an illustration when words aren't enough.

"Spreading the word of Beads of Courage: I think that's just a way for children and families to express what they've gone through without having to say a word"

Eichinger will visit nearly 20 hospitals over the next several months. Her final stop will be in Savannah, Georgia.

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