Assisted Living Goes Outdoors

A new kind of assisted living facility near Red Lodge is helping senior citizens become more active.

This farm is quite different from others. It's an assisted living center called Heartland Assisted Living, which promotes outdoor activities for its residents.

"Once people get stuck in their rooms and it's just not a good thing for them," said John Dubsky, Heartland Assisted Living's CEO. "You know, I've seen it time after time and these people they get out and you know, they gain their independence back."

Residents can enjoy the scenery and participate in activities that suit them best.

"Physically, I'm not able to do much. I use a cane or a walker," said Margaret Woehst, a resident at Heartland. "They're fixing a wading pool where we can have aerobic exercises and I know that's going to be very, very good for me."

Woehst moved to Montana to be near her daughter. She said this is the style of living she wants.

"It's a wonderful, wonderful place for me to come to rest and to be taken care of."  

Residents can feed pigs, chickens, and horses. They can even collect their own eggs for breakfast. Having different things to do everyday gives residents a new sense of purpose.

"Well I have a new life coming here," Woehst said. "And I'm very happy."

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