Aspen Meadows hosts first annual Father's Day classic car show

BILLINGS, Mont. -  Veterans, fathers, sons and daughters, were all part of the classic car show at Aspen Meadows in Billings on Saturday.

The community at aspen view, a health and rehabilitation center, showed off some vintage  rides at the first ever car show. Families spent the day looking under the hood of vehicles, listening to live music, and enjoying food trucks.

Despite a little rain, fathers didn’t let the weather ruin their day and some quality time with their kids.

“We have father and son station wagons," Jay Buffington, a father and Billings resident said. "We work on them together, we do a lot of stuff together and we go to a lot of shows and this one seemed to be a good one to go to today.”

"Fathers day to me is just a day to spend some time and have some fun and do things, even if it's just doing some chores around the house or going to have some food, you know, that's quality time," David Knox said, a father and Billings resident.

The show also included a memorial to veterans as some participated with cars of their own.

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