Asian giant hornet

Washington State Department of Agriculture entomologists have identified a large hornet discovered near the Canadian border as an Asian giant hornet.

The WSDA says this specific hornet hasn't been previously found in Washington, and while it typically isn't aggressive towards humans, it can inflict a powerful sting while remaining a threat to honeybees.

A Blaine resident reported seeing the be on their property earlier this month, and WSDA officials responded to collect the dead hornet. The resident also reported seeing a live giant hornet at a humming bird feeder prior to it retreating into a forest.

The WSDA and Department of Health is asking people in that area to be on the lookout and take precautions to avoid contact with the Asian giant hornets.

"Adults can be nearly two inches long, have a distinctly light-orange head with prominent black eyes, a black thorax and a black/yellow striped abdomen," a description reads. 

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