Armed suspect killed after standoff with police at Big Bear

UPDATE: According to police, the suspect who barricaded himself inside Big Bear Sports Center is dead. 

"This is one of the most difficult situations I've ever been involved in," Billings Police Chief Rich St. John tells KULR-8. According to police, the suspect fired shots in the store and at officers. Chief St. John says he was shooting multiple rounds of different caliber weapons. 

St. John says at one point, they believed the man was coming out the store, but he retreated back inside. Police say he then pointed a rifle at officers.

UPDATE: Law enforcement has entered the building. Police tell us a press conference will be happening within the next 30 minutes.

UPDATE: Police say the suspect is contained. They say they hope to have the situation resolved peacefully soon.

Our reporter on the scene says police have sent a robot inside the store. We'll have the latest information as we receive it.

UPDATE: According to Capt. Iffland, additional shots have been fired. Our crew on scene is reporting about 10 shots have been fired. It is unknown whether the shots came from the suspect or police.

Police say they believe they know who the suspect is, but have not confirmed. Police say the suspect has access to ammunition, but they don't know if he's using it.

UPDATE: Police are currently negotiating with the shooting suspect at Big Bear. Police say there are no hostages inside the building.

An active shooter situation is underway at Big Bear Sports Center in Billings.

Captain Kevin Iffland with the Billings Police Department tells us a person used a vehicle to break into the front doors of Big Bear. 

Capt. Iffland says that person has fired shots toward officers out of the building. Officers are attempting to negotiate with that individual, but have had minimal contact from them. 

Capt. Iffland confirms they did use a flashbang to help contain the situation. 

He says right now they do not have a visual on the suspect. At this time police does not know of anyone else in the building. 

They are trying to minimize as many shots coming out of the building as possible by parking their B.E.A.R. vehicle and other large vehicles in front of the doors. 

At this time, no one has been hurt and all officers are okay right now. 

Surrounding stores in the area are confirmed to be closed by Capt. Iffland and store employees. 

Police are asking everyone to stay away from the area. 

This is a developing story. Check back for updates or continue to refresh the page.

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