Angel Horses' Statues Find New Homes Across the Magic City

The four horse statues, once on display in downtown Billings, find new homes across the Magic City.

Angel Horses President Jonnie Jonckowski said Billings Clinic, the Billings Public Library and First Interstate Bank will display the horses until they go up for auction in September. The horses were painted by four artists, who donated their time and materials.

The horses were installed under Skypoint earlier this month, but had to be removed only a week later, when it was discovered they were vandalized. Jonckowski said it was a big task to remove, store, repair and find new homes for the horses. She said now the horses will be in a protected environment, but are still in public places so people can enjoy them.

"The love for those horses, and the love for what they stood for, and the program, and the people in the community that those horses will help eventually...the cancer patients, the disabled veterans, at risk kids, I mean all at no cost to them, that's what it's all about," Jonckowski said. "And so fortunately those horses will still go out and do the task that they were meant to do."

Two of the horses are already on display. The other two will be placed in the Billings Clinic lobby Friday.

Angel Horses is an organization that takes rescue horses and uses them in therapy sessions for physical and emotional stimulus.

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