AMP stands for Athletic Medicine and Performance. The amp team is essential at NAIA to take care of these athletes.

The AMP team provides sports medicine services to many of the colleges and high schools in eastern Montana and support at the NAIA Women's Basketball tournament in Billings.

Many of the NAIA teams send an athletic trainer with their team, but AMP is there to offer support to them and primary services to teams that don't have an athletic trainer.

The AMP team helps to get athletes ready for the game, and helps athletes if they are injured.

Jennifer Linton is the head athletic trainer at Rocky Mountain College. She is also on the AMP team.

Linton says, "You kind of hope you don't have to do anything for the sake of the athletes. But you are here if you have to do something."

Linton says they have to be prepared for anything and everything, including cardiac events, head or neck injuries, broken bones and more.

Linton says that athletic trainers with AMP have to have a masters degree in athletic training. And, they have to pass a  national certification exam. In Montana, they also have to be licensed.

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