"Our main goal is to connect as many people struggling with dementia in their family as we can with information, care and support to help them deal with this disease," said AmeriCorps Vista at the Alzheimer's Association Jacob Guinan.

The Alzheimer's Association values working with faith communities both in Billings and throughout the Treasure State. The association builds trust to help make people impacted by the neurodegenerative disease feel comfortable with the use of support groups and educational sessions.

Everyone is welcome to attend these sessions and some are even targeted towards specific groups of people.

Guinan told KULR-8 about a forum that was held to assess veterans, who are at a higher risk of developing the disease.

"We held a veterans forum and a whole assessment that tried to figure out what are the needs of veterans with dementia are. Through that, we discovered there is a huge need for education and information for these people and their family members. So as part of that, we're hosting a monthly educational session at the VA clinic here in Billings," said Guinan.

David Johnson, Associate Pastor at City Church in Billings elaborated on the importance of veterans having the resources they need to cope with issues like Alzheimer's and dementia.

"It is very prevalent, dementia involved in veterans. Especially your combat veterans. I really appreciate what is happening in our country now as far as reaching out and helping vets," said Johnson.

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