BILLINGS, Mont. -- A brand new program is helping people in Montana choose the healthcare plan best for them.  The non-profit called Montana Navigator helps people enroll in plans under the Affordable Care Act.

Montana Navigator is funded by First Choice Services and is brand new to the Treasure State.  The program offers one-on-one telephone appointments to discuss plan options, pricing, and enrollment assistance.  Jeremy Smith, Program Director for Montana Navigator, says the service helps people find the best and most affordable plan for their needs, and 80% of applicants last year qualified for financial aid.

"We study all the different plans, so we're able to answer your questions on the deductibles and co pays and who accepts each insurance plan, so we can help answer all those questions and help you actually get signed up all the way too," says Smith.

Open enrollment for 2020 is from November 1st to December 15th.

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