If you go to many Billings Mustangs games, then you're probably familiar with the voice of Sarah Spangle, Public Address Announcer for the team. 
It's been quite a journey for Spangle to get to this point. 
It all started for Spangle as a fan, attending Mustangs games. Whether it was with friends or when she would sing the national anthem, Spangle never thought she would end up in the press box. 
"You see yourself as a kid, growing up playing sports, then you're in the audience watching the athletes, then all of a sudden you are the voice of these thousands of fans every night and these future stars. Seeing that has been such a wild ride," said Spangle. 
After reaching out to the Billings front office, Spangle found herself working in guest services for four years. Then one summer, Spangle received a call offering her a chance to be the voice of the Mustangs. 
Spangle said deciding to accept the offer wasn't easy. 
"After talking with some very good confident friends and them saying if you don't do it now you'll regret it.  So I decided to give it a go and here I am 10 years later working for the Mustangs, Spangle explained. 
While she loves the game of baseball, Spangle said this job is more than being a voice for the Mustangs, it's being a voice for women who want to enter the world of sports. 
"I'm all for shattering some glass ceilings and I see people like now, the San Francisco Giants PA announcer do it, her predecessor.  I was like you know what, we can do this.  We're here, we can do this and we can equal the playing field," Spangle said. 
Spangle said she plans to back doing the job she loves at Dehler Park next season .

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